Old Life Cycle Bike Shop TV Spot

Dug up this gem.LCBS TV Spot

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Feliz Navidad and Happy Holidays

Just wanted to wish everyone Happy Holidays. I hope you are enjoying this time to the fullest. I am looking forward to seeing everyone soon.


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Team LC Claims 2 OBRA CX Championships

On November 19th, Eugene , OR hosted the 2011 Cyclocross OBRA Championships at Camp Harlow. This was a great showing for Team LC claiming 2 Championships. Rob Bingham won the Masters 35+ C Category and Chris Wherity claimed the Masters 35+ B Category. Please congratulate these guys when you get a chance.

Rob BinghamChris Wherity

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Site Is Under Contruction

Hello Everyone,

With the 2011 season coming to a close, I would like to congratulate the team on a great showing. The 2012 season looks promising as winter conditioning gets underway. This site will be under construction over the next few months to better serve the team and its fans. Please check in frequently as we update the site.


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May Update

Well it’s been too long since our last post. The last few weeks have seen a few races, some sunny others not, and a race on the horizon this upcoming weeekend in Bend.

Some highlights over the past few weeks:

Ice Breaker Crit:  Scott Hill 6th cat 3,   Maikey Lopera 2nd Master 35+,  James Jorgensen 6th Master 35+,  Heather Hill 1st Cat 1/2/3

Eugene Roubaix: Maikey Lopera 4th Master 40+,  Jeremy Garbellano 5th Cat 3,  Alex Chow 2nd Cat 5,  Heather Hill 9th Cat 1/2, Marie Osborn 2nd Cat 3, Kristen Fauria 6th Cat 4

Silverton(State RR Champ): Peter Burrows 4th Cat 4/5 Master,  Mckenzie Sampson 4th Cat 3, Marie Osborn 6th Cat 3,

Mt. Tabor Circuit Race: Peter Burrows 5th Master 4/5

Great job everyone, see you this weekend in Bend.

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Cherry Blossom and King’s Valley

The last two weekends saw teammates tackle the first stage race of the year and a classic OBRA road race. Lots of good results but top prize has to go to Maire Osborn who’s been hitting it hard in the women 3 races.  Nice job everyone.

Cherry Blossom Stage Race:

Maire Osborn: 3rd crit, 5th and 13th in RR, 8th overall.

Heather Hill: 11th crit, 15th RR

Scott Hill: 12th crit

King Valley Road Race:

Nick Alden: 15th, men 3

Heather Hill: 8th, women 1/2

Maire Osborn: 3rd, women 3

Maire Osborn taking 3rd at King's Valley RR

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Rider Profile: Rob Bingham

1. Place and date of birth?
RB: Dearborn, Michigan 8/12/1970
2. How long have you been riding and what got you started?
RB: I started riding when I was a high school kid in Reno, Nevada. Greg Lemond — who was six or so years ahead of me — went to the same schools and had a lot of the same teachers. When he won the tour in 1986, it was a big deal in Reno. I got intrigued, saved up some dough, and bought a bike. I rode and raced pretty consistently until 1991 or so when I decided I didn’t have the cash to maintain my road riding habit. Fast-forward twenty years, and I’m writhing in pain on my back after blowing out my knee in a pickup basketball game, and I decided “time to get back into riding…. This lateral movement stuff isn’t working out.” That was in 2007-2008…. I’ve been riding pretty consistently ever since — cyclocross and road.
3. First race experience?
RB: Probably a Reno WHeelmen crit in 1986 or 87…. I’m sure I got dropped.
4. First bike and current bike?
RB: First real road bike was a Torelli steel frame with toe clips. This was in 1987 or 1988. I saved up $750 for it (which was a lot at the time). I loved that bike. Wish I still had it. I currently ride a Lemond Zurich, which I have pretty dialed in, but I may be looking at getting something new here in a year or so.
5. Would you rather hang with Han Solo or Indiana Jones, why?
RB: Han Solo — you’d get to discover all the really cool dive bars throughout the entire galaxy. Dr. Jones can’t compete with that.

6. Goals for the year?
RB: To get good results in the early road races (to get upgraded out of cat 5 by results and not by experience), and then to hit it hard in the Master B’s during the cyclocross season.

7. Favorite Pro cyclist?
RB: I dunno. I always liked how ballsy Cadel Evans is…. Thomas Voeckler is fun to watch as well…. But I might have to go with Hushovd.

8. What do you do outside of cycling?
RB: Teach, grade papers, work with high school kids on the Willamette Cycling Team, travel….

9. Pre-race/ride meals?
RB: Pop rocks and coke

10. How often do you pump your tires?
RB: Before every ride

11. What music do you listen to when you need to get pumped up?
RB: Modest Mouse.

12. Worse fashion mistake you’ve made?

RB: Riding and racing bikes in the 1980’s. Find any picture of any rider from the era and you’ll see what I mean.

13. Anything else you’d like to add?
RB: I’m trying really hard to be serious about racing without taking myself too seriously, if that makes any sense….
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Piece of Cake & BB #3

Another weekend of racing which can only mean two things; bad weather and Life Cycle Wins.

Saturday saw riders tackle the Piece of Cake Road Race. The race featured a windy and rainy swept course which included a 3+ mile section of gravel road per lap. Peter Burrows and Rob Bingham rocked the Masters 40+ 4/5 field finishing 1st and 9th.  Way to keep the winning streak alive.

Jeremy Cantrell and Luis Palacios represented the team in the men 5 field and survived the rough conditions to finish 21st and 31st respectively.

Sunday brought more rain and the conclusion to the Banana Belt series.  Kristen Fauria went into the final day in a tie for the lead in the women 4 field. Kris rode a good race and finished 5th on the day placing her 2nd overall in the series.  James Jorgensen who wasn’t able to race the 3rd event still placed 2nd overall in the men 3 field thanks to his high placing the previous weeks.

Great work everyone. Next weekend is the first stage race of the year, The Cherry Blossom Classic. Good-luck to all those racing.


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Rider Profile: Aaron Davis

1. Place and date of birth?

AD: North Bend OR 1981.

2. How long have you been riding and what got you started?

AD: I have been riding for about 4 years and I got started to get into better shape to ride my dirt bike harder and longer.

3. First race experience?

AD: My first race experience was in the tuesday night crit in 2008 didn’t do to well.

4. First bike and current bike?

AD: My first bike was a 1989 trek 400 that I thought  was totally bitchin, now I am on a Cervelo S1 and found out fast that the 400 was not so bitchin.

5. Would you rather hang with Han Solo or Indiana Jones, why?

AD: Definitely Indiana Jones, just not into flying around in space I’m more of a stay on the ground type of guy.

6. Goals for the year?

AD: My goals for this year is to get in as much racing as possible and to get my cat. 3 upgrade.

7. Favorite Pro cyclist?

AD: Well I don’t know that I have one favorite rider. I tend to root for just about anybody that flys the American flag but I do tend to root for Andy Schleck for no real reason.

8. What do you do outside of cycling?

AD: I have a lot of other hobbies, I love to hunt just about anything that moves and off roading. I have a pick up that I have been building just for off roading for the last 3 years. Have a lot of fun doing that with the family.

9. Pre-race/ride meals?

AD: My favorite pre race or big ride meal is waffles with home made blackberrie jam mmmmmmm.

10. How often do you pump your tires?

AD: I pump my tire before every ride.

11. What music do you listen to when you need to get pumped up?

AD: I tend to listen to christian rock,  it tends to stick in my head and really helps to put me in the mood to really push my self hard.

12. Worse fashion mistake you’ve made?

AD: Well in my eye I haven’t made one but my wife tells me that I make them all the time. The worst one is apparently cowboy boots and gym shorts.

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A Wet Banana

Banana Belt #2 was wet and cold. Grown men were seen on the side of the road crying, unable to force their cold and shivering bodies to pedal any further.

Of the seven folks from our team who made the drive to Forest Grove six decided to race. Of those six two called it a day after the first 11 mile lap. Of the four remaining one was done a lap later after 22 miles and another made it 3 laps before throwing in the towel. So two brave souls found a way to finish their race, both of whom were later seen in cars heaters on full blast shivering uncontrollably. Sweet!

James Jorgensen made the days break in the cat 3 men race and followed last weeks 2nd place with another great day and crossed the line in 5th. James made a motion of zigzagging his bike back and forth to describe his inability towards the end of the race to control the bike from the cold and rain. This is a guy who set his own broken figures after a crash mid-race last year and went on to finish. He’s a tough SOB. If he’s cold then you know it’s a rough day.

Our other finisher was Kristen Fauria who kept the streak alive for the LifeCycle team. We’ve had a winner each race weekend so far this year (3 for 3), this weekend it was Fauria. She out sprinted the remains of the Cat4 women field to cross the line in first. The victory this weekend along with her 2nd place last week puts her in the lead for the series with one race left to go.

Banana Belt takes a break next week and will resume on the 27th. Next week the first crit of the year takes place on Saturday, The Capitol Cup Criterium in Salem Oregon.

See you at the races.

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