On Into Summer!!!!

Team LC has been busy this Spring. Team members have traveled around the state to represent the Argyle.

March brought the first mountain bike race of the season with the team traveling to Echo, OR to compete in some of the worst winds that any team member has ever faced. Unfortunately, our team tent did not survive the weather, but the Argyle enjoyed the post race festivities that the welcoming town of Echo had provided.

March also brought the annual Banana Belt Series to Hagg Lake. Life Cycle Posted results in this series with Kevin Wythe, Kim Frank, August Frank, Henrick Morseth, Gus Elder, Josh Wells, and Rob Bingham. It was great exposure for the Argyle in the Portland Area.

April brought some great racing to the Willamette Valley with Piece of Cake, Kings Valley, and of course our local Eugene Roubaix where Life Cycle had a huge day. Results are posted here. Geoff Huber represented the Argyle well with a huge second place finish in the muddiest Mudslinger CX.

May was the start of local weekly racing, which goes on until September!!! The Coburg Time Trial Series had many Life Cycle Team Members participating in a flat 15 mile course which is notorius for brutal cross winds. May also brought a super fun time in Central Oregon for both the dirt riders and the roadies with the Sisters’ Stampede, Bend Don’t Break, and the Summit Crit packed into one weekend.

June started the Twilight Criterium Series. The Argyle has been showing off its comradery and team work in both the novice and advanced classes. Please join us every Tuesday night at 6:30 on Ed Cone Blvd and watch the local teams compete against each other.

Life Cycle Team Members on top of McKenzie Pass.

Maikey Lopera 2nd place medal at the OBRA Road Championship.


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